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Industry The Future of Payments…from Cash to Crypto

About the Session

The world of digital payments is rapidly evolving, and its influence on user experience and business sustainability cannot be understated. Join us in this illuminating session to dive deep into the dynamic realm of payments.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Churn Prevention: Understand how payment solutions can mean the difference between retaining a valuable user or losing them. Delve into strategies and case studies that highlight the crucial role of a smooth payment process in reducing churn rates.
  2. Exploring New Horizons: The payments frontier is expanding into areas once considered uncharted territory. Gain insights into emerging trends, tools, and technologies that are redefining the boundaries of digital transactions.
  3. Integration Mastery: Discover how payments serve as a strategic asset in integration. We’ll showcase examples where companies have seamlessly integrated payment solutions into their platforms, leading to enhanced user experiences and operational efficiency.
  4. Simplicity vs. Complexity: Whether you’re looking for a straightforward payment process or a multifaceted system tailored to unique business needs, this session will provide guidance on designing a payment solution that’s right for you.

Ideal for industry professionals keen on staying at the forefront of payment technologies, this session is a blend of inspiration, practical knowledge, and innovative solutions. Come prepared to rethink how payments can drive growth and customer satisfaction in your organization.

About the Speaker

Flagship Ad Astra Technology Summit Speaker Darren Jackson

Daren Jackson

Tyler Technologies, SVP Pay Disbursements
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Daren Jackson

Tyler Technologies, SVP Pay Disbursements

Daren Jackson is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of global experience creating, growing, and selling companies in the payment, GovTech and FinTech sectors. Starting his first entrepreneurial venture at the young age of 13, Daren has founded and successfully exited two different payment companies, one to a publicly traded company and the other to the NCAA.

Daren is a subject matter expert in SaaS, payments, prepaid banking, GovTech and FinTech. By uncovering market gaps and crafting SaaS technology solutions to fill them, Daren is known for bringing innovative ideas to fruition. Daren has a BS in Economics, MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Florida. Aside from his business ventures, Daren is passionate about molding the next generation of leaders by teaching high school and college-level courses in economics, finance and entrepreneurship. He lives in North Logan, UT with his wife and four children.

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