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Workforce Integrating Registered Apprenticeships into IT Spaces

About the Session

Engage with a state registered intermediary to learn more about apprenticeship opportunities in the technology industry. This informative session will educate participants in the importance of pathway programs to enhance the Kansas workforce as well as provide an understanding of how participants can engage with registered apprentices in their organization.

About the Speaker

Flagship Ad Astra Technology Summit Speaker Molly Brown

Molly Brown

FlagshipKansas.Tech, Program Coordinator
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Molly Brown

FlagshipKansas.Tech, Program Coordinator

Molly Brown pledges to “Do Good, Recklessly” in her career, having a passion for community, young professional talent, and workforce development. As a transplant to Kansas, she was taken aback by the small-town pride and intentional relationships that were accessible in the Wichita community.

Her desire to contribute that forward, creating spaces and opportunities for people to succeed in their careers, has been a driving force in her work with registered apprenticeships and the NextGen Under 30 Kansas program.

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