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Startup Cracking the Code: Branding and Marketing for Startups

About the Session

Presented in partnership with the Wichita chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Key Takeaways

  • Branding a startup and key elements to consider.
  • Where to start and partners you might need to engage along the way.
  • Brand & Marketing strategy and planning.
  • Determining needs and what to implement in a business marketing strategy.
  • Marketing resources available and simple tips.

About the Speaker

Flagship Ad Astra Technology Summit Speaker Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner

Gardner Design, President
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Bill Gardner

Gardner Design, President

As the owner and president of Gardner Design, Bill has been the guiding force in the creation of powerful brands for organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to one-man shops. He understands the nuances of brand practicalities better than anyone in the business and leads his team to first consider the business that the design is supporting.

As the founder of LogoLounge.com – the international, searchable compendium of logos – Bill authored the affiliated bestselling LogoLounge book series, volumes 1-13, and is the author of the annual LogoLounge Logo Trend Report.

Bill also judges design competitions and speaks nationally and internationally on identity trends and logo development. In his spare time, he serves on several community boards and has completed a six-year term as the Territorial Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

About Gardner Design
Gardner Design was established in 1983 by Bill Gardner, who remains the sole owner and president. During this time, the firm has produced effective and award-winning designs and results for many industry leaders. Their designs and brand influence can be found in well-known brands including Facebook, Spirit AeroSystems, Cessna Aircraft Company, Kroger, Cargill and hundreds more. They’ve had the privilege of working with organizations of all types and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to one-person shops. Regardless of size or industry, they get fired up about helping their customers and businesses reach new heights. Because they see it every day – better branding leads to a better future.
For customers. For employees. For us all.

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