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About the Session

By examining where Industry has been with technology, we can gain a better understanding of what technology is needed today to help continue expansion and evolution into modern industry.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Technologies that defined or helped move industry into a new era, historical overview.
  • How technology is helping improve industry today with real world examples.
  • What technologies are on the horizon that will be driving further innovation and ROI.

About the Speaker

Flagship Ad Astra Technology Summit Speaker John Whaley2

John Whaley

TEC Systems Group, VP Of Business Development
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John Whaley

TEC Systems Group, VP Of Business Development

John Whaley is the Vice President of Business Development at TEC Systems Group since 2019. He has over twenty-five years of Automation and Manufacturing experience.

Primary Roles at TEC Systems Group:

  1. Aligning customer goals with the appropriate automation solutions and determine ROI
  2. Create innovative ways to address customer’s automation systems
  3. Determine opportunities for business growth and lead external pursuits
  4. Manage TEC’s Sales Team with planning and new initiatives including solution development

John is a Sedgwick County native and grew up around his family’s farm and automotive shop. At a young age, he learned how to interact with customers at his grandfather’s family business.

John is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from The Kansas State University. While at KSU, John worked at the National Gas Machinery Lab as a design engineer. He was introduced to automation processes as a Boeing summer intern in Wichita. This internship changed his career path from machine design to automation and manufacturing from the time spent on the plant’s floor.

John started his career as a Sales Engineer at a Kansas City automation distributor, designing motion control solutions, then returned to Wichita to run the distributor’s Wichita Branch. Later, John changed roles to Rockwell Automation as a Sales Engineer for over 16 years. He assisted  customers with designing systems and worked with the local distribution channel through sales, business planning, and technical skills development. John was typically viewed as a consultant for customers to address their automation systems improvements. He worked with many large equipment manufacturers throughout the Central and Western Kansas area as a resource for innovation.

In his spare time, John is part time taxi driver for his four children to sports and activities. He enjoys building classic and race cars, while maintaining a small farm of his own near Andale, Kansas.

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